Common Questions - Geek Squad Protection

Common Questions

Q: Who can I contact with questions?

A: Contact AIG for assistance between 8am and 8pm CST.

Q: Where can I find my plan details?

A: Login/Create Account at Your Plans & Memberships to view your plan(s) or contact AIG.

Q: Why do I need to provide the servicer address and receipt information?

A: Before sending out any reimbursement, we need to know where and who performed the service, as well as your receipt information. Without providing the appropriate information, we cannot process your claim and it will be denied.

Q: When can I expect to receive reimbursement?

A: You can expect reimbursement of approved claims within 2-5 weeks from filing depending on reimbursement method.

Q: Why is the amount of reimbursement different than I thought it would be?

A: Currency exchange rates are based upon the date your claim was paid. In some instances, an average exchange rate might be used depending upon the currency of the country you are in. If purchased on or after 9/13/2015 all reimbursements will be made in U.S. currency.

Q: I submitted a claim, but I never received payment. What do I do now?

A: Please contact AIG to let us know that you did not receive payment. Please allow at least 3 weeks for claims processing prior to calling to check on the status of the reimbursement.

Q: Can I make an international Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) claim?

A: ADH claims are covered for qualifying products purchased on or after 9/13/2015 as identified on your receipt.

Need Help?

Please contact AIG if we can assist you in submitting your international claim, including to locate your Protection Plan ID number.

Common Questions

Protection Plan ID (GSP#)

Your Geek Squad Protection Plan ID (GSP#) can be found on your Best Buy receipt. The image of the receipt below is for reference only. It may vary in form and layout from the one you received.