Claim Process for International Service

  1. Confirm coverage on product meets terms and conditions.
  2. Contact authorized service provider.
  3. Obtain cost to repair.
    • If cost of repair is more than the product retail, contact us at 1-877-659-5068 for next steps
  4. Pay servicer for repair/diagnosis.
  5. Completely fill out the reimbursement form to the best of your ability.
    • The country of service and currency must be visible on your invoice. The invoice will also need to include the issue with the unit. If the invoice is not in English. Please translate Diagnosis Results and Parts.
  6. Click here to email the reimbursement form and a copy of your receipt.
  7. Once claim has been reviewed and approved you will need to provide banking information (if you did not provide on the form) depending on the type of reimbursement available.
  8. A check or wire will be mailed/transmitted
    • Check (2 weeks processing).
    • Wire transfer in countries that we are not able to mail checks to (4-5 weeks processing).

Please contact us at 877-659-5068 with any questions.